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Dubois Chamber Music


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Affiliated with the Wind River Valley Arts Guild

Who are we? A small group of your neighbors who love classical music:  Robert Hoskins, Casey Gregory, Mary Ellen Honsaker, Jacinda Wilson, and Lois Wingerson. We are delighted to be part of the Wind River Valley Arts Guild.

Every year, we bring small groups of professional musicians to Dubois to perform great classical music in our beautiful valley.

Is there any demand for classical music in our small “cowboy town”? You bet! More than half of the audience at our first concert knew almost nothing about classical music, but they loved it! In a survey, 100% of the audience said they would return the next year – and the audience was even larger in 2022.

Our Dubois concert is the opening performance in every season for Jackson Hole Chamber Music. They bring some of the world’s leading musicians to perform in small groups in Wyoming every year.

Dubois Chamber Music has been supported by grants from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, the Never Sweat Recreation Board, the Opportunity Shop Foundation, and by generous donations from private individuals.

“Thank you to everyone who made this extraordinary concert possible.”

                                        -- 2021 audience member

.“I enjoyed the great variety of music and the extraordinary talent of the musicians.

                                        -- 2022 audience member

Do you have an idea for a Dubois Chamber Music event?  If so, let us know!


"Bringing such artists to this town is a wonder and great opportunity."

                                                --  2023 audience member